Dear Applicant,


This application for the Worship Arts Ministry is designed to give you the vision for music and singing in our gatherings as well as a clear understanding of the expectations for someone serving in the Worship Arts Ministry.  

The Worship Arts Ministry at Redeemer exists to bring glory to our Maker, through music, and creative arts. We know that worship is not exclusively a song or the words of a prayer, but an ongoing, never-ending life of praise (Hebrews 13:15).

It is our goal to always be:
Discovering more of Christ, more of His beauty and glory. This means we are reading the Word of God, praying often, and asking God to reveal Himself to us in all that He has made.

Delighting in who He is. This means being intensely satisfied in Jesus.  Nothing else will quench the longing of our souls. We do not need fame or the love of a crowd or the most creative music, but Christ alone.

Declaring the Glory of God - to those who do not know Him, to each other, and back to Him in praise. This means living a life of declaration with our neighbors, our Community Group, our band mates, and ourselves. Reminding us all of who Jesus is and who we are because of what He has done. 

Dwelling together in truth and love. This means living in confession and repentance with other believers, including your band mates.  We are broken people; we will fail each other every week.  However, because of the Gospel we can confess, forgive, take criticism, give criticism, and live together with joy and not fear. 

Developing new players and leaders. We want to raise up and send out bands to help plant new churches.  This means that everyone is either a goer or a sender.  We want to share in the joy of God’s work in our city and the world. 

Worship Band Commitments


Commitment to delight in Jesus - Because He first loved us. Everything else, including our music, stems from God’s love for us and our response of love to Him.

Commitment to Prayer - Prayer for Christ worshipping hearts within the church, and spiritual health within the team.

Commitment to Humility - A consistent pursuit of humility through intimacy with Jesus in prayer, time in scripture, meditation on the gospel of Christ, and repentance. Musical humility. Being OK with playing simple parts or not playing at all.

Commitment to being Prepared Be on time. This means being as early as you need to be to be completely ready to go when we start. Know any previously discussed parts and take good notes on any new ones. Pursue musical excellence. This looks different for everyone, the idea is that we are all growing in the gifts we have been given. This could mean practice time at home or taking lessons. 

Commitment to being Engaged - Be mentally engaged in the task at hand. Be responsive to direction.

Commitment to relationship within the band - Be honest with, and supportive of others. Be willing to work through conflict. Pursue emotional maturity. Be cheerful. Be team minded. This means acting for the good of the other people on stage. Including not playing your instrument while the band leader is communicating direction, not just setting up your stuff but finding ways to be helpful to others, not over playing.

Commitment to being Committed - Willing to give time, both on stage and off. Commitment to regularly attend a Community Group.


Playing in a band is one of the largest time commitments of any ministry at Redeemer. All of us have other things in our lives, work, school, families… Please understand that signing up to serve in this ministry means that you will have fewer hours in your week to give to those other things.

We will try to place you on the schedule in a way that works best for you, however, our goal is to serve the body of Redeemer well so you may be asked to serve wherever you are needed.  Each player will be scheduled on a consistent basis as their personal schedule and the need in the church dictates. 

Mid-week Practices: 
Band Practices are on Thursday nights and generally runs about 1.5 hours.  This time is committed to running through the set, learning songs for an upcoming weekend, and writing/arranging new songs.  Everyone comes to practice ready to go, which means going over the set and practicing at home.


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