Helping people connect to and share Jesus right where they are.

This workshop will help you embrace a relationaly bold approach to talking about Jesus. Many people Feel stuck in fear. 
let's move beyond Awkward into breakthrough.


Get to know our speaker! 

I am Beau Crosetto. I love helping people connect to and share Jesus right where they are!
If you are looking for ways to talk about Jesus in relational yet bold ways, you have come to the right place.
My ministry is dedicated to helping you connect your seeking friends to Jesus. If you feel excited, yet a bit timid about speaking up for Jesus, I am here to encourage you and root you on!

I didn’t grow up as a Christian or in a Christian family and it wasn’t until college that I started following Jesus. So, I have the unique vantage point of knowing what it is like not following Jesus as well as following him closely now.
I am married to Kristina and we have three kids. We are a family on mission together and currently we lead a start-up mission to reach fraternity and sorority students with the gospel all across Greater Los Angeles with Greek InterVarsity. 
On a fun note, I am an avid Seahawks fan and love all sports!