Next Steps To Becoming a Community Group Leader

3 Simple Steps to becoming a CG Leader Apprentice

  1. DOWNLOAD and read the Redeemer Community Group Leader Job Description here

  2. NOTIFY your current CG Leader of your desire to lead a group and ask for opportunities to lead discussion, host groups and organize events.. (If you are NOT already in leadership or a form of community at Redeemer, we would ask that you join one for at least 1 semester prior to becoming a leader.)

  3. COMPLETE the Community Group Application. This allows us to know you better and help guide you through the process. Brand new CG leaders may take a little bit longer than leaders who have had experience with small groups.

What Comes Next?  

At this point, you will be paired with a Community Group Coach and they will begin working with you through the 6 Week Community Group Leader Training Program!  Based on your experience, some groups will launch immediately and others may require the coaches to help you develop your group prior to launching.

Thanks for your willingness to lead. If you have any questions along the way, be sure to contact Andy Fletcher at