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Community Groups LAUNCH August 16th, 2015

Redeemer's Community Groups are listed below by day of the week and by leader name. Take a look and once you find the group that you are interested in joining, click through and send that group leader a message asking to join their group.

If you need help choosing a group, just click on the help button below and the Community Group coaches will do their best to help you find a group. 


Terzo & Ellis Group (North Modesto)
Miller & Layman Group (Salida)
Cheek Group (West Modesto)
College Group (Redeemer)


Youth (Jr.High/High School - Redeemer)
Williams & Gunnarson (Redeemer)   


Ford & Boone Group (Modesto)
Dalton & Fletcher Group (Turlock)
Apologetics @ the Bean (Modesto)
Redemption Groups (Redeemer)


Thursday Men's Group (Redeemer)
Wungluck & Boone 


Women's Group
Friday Men's Group

Community Groups at Redeemer

The Sunday gathering is not enough to sustain gospel growth in our lives. Our Sunday service is a stimulus for growth in the gospel and living in community with other believers allows us to be challenged in living out the gospel in relationship with others.

The Christian life was not meant to be lived alone. If you are not living in community, then let us encourage you to start building gospel friendships within a Community Group at Redeemer.

If you are interested in leading a Redeemer Community Group, go here for more information.