Covenant Partnership Session 1

Why Covenant Partnership?

Summary:  Covenant Partnership is Redeemer’s version of membership.  The original intent of membership was to create a metaphor for how each person in the body of Christ, with their personality and gifting, is like a part of the physical body.  Just as a hand or a foot is a member that cannot function properly without the other members, so to the body of Christ is less effective or sometimes incapable of fulfilling its calling unless all its ‘member’s are present.  Covenant Partnership describes our role as being in covenant with one-another (committed no matter what), and in partnership with one-another (both being needed and having a need).

Before you watch the video, ask these questions:

1. When you think of membership, what comes to mind?

2. What have been your experiences with church membership (none, good, bad, didn’t make a difference). 

3. As members of another church or organization, what was expected of you and what did you expect of that organization?


Questions for discussion: 

1. What does the Bible say about ‘member’-ship in terms of the body (look at 1 Corinthians 12:14-27)

2. To what lengths do you go to take care of your physical body?  (diet, exercise, emotional health, rest, vacations, work, study, etc).  If a member of your physical body was in jeopardy, to what length would you go to fix and protect it?

3. In understanding Paul’s metaphor of the people in the church being like members of your body, to what lengths should we go to take care of each other at Redeemer?

     a. How do you specifically want people to care for you?  When you don’t show up do you want people to          call or email you?  When you are struggling do you want to be able to call someone for                                  encouragement?  Think of other scenarios you face in life and discuss how you want to take care of              each other.

      b. How do you want to take care of others?  To what lengths do you feel comfortable going to make                 sure another ‘member of your body’ stays healthy and is protected?

4. What do the terms ‘covenant’ and ‘partnership’ mean to you?

       a. Contract (if-then) verses Covenant (I will no matter what).

5. What do you think you should expect from others at Redeemer?  What do you think others should expect from you?


For Further Thinking: Nothing about the church makes sense until we understand the idea of Covenant Partnership.  When we see our brothers and sisters as parts of our own bodies, in need of care and protection, then we are able to understand how committed we must be to each other.  

  • Do you want to be cared for as a “member” in the church?
  • Do you want to care for others as “members” in the church?


A question to prepare you for Session 2:  If we are members of a body, what is our DNA?