Covenant Partnership Session 2

The Six D’s:  The Gospel Centered Vision of Redeemer

Summary:  The Six D’s:  The Gospel Centered Vision of Redeemer.  The six D’s have helped us identify the core values of who we are as Redeemer.  As a fellowship, our hope is to use the six D’s to help us establish what and why we do what we do.  At the center of everything we do is a discovery of God…who He is and his glory.  As we discover, we also want to delight, knowing our relationship with God because of Christ.  And as we discover and delight, we then get to declare, dwell, disciple and develop.  The d’s, and the order of them, is critical to our joy and our mission as believers. 

Before you watch the video, ask the following questions:

  1. What do you think Redeemer’s purpose is?
  2. Can you think of a organization that has a great vision and lives according to that vision?  Have you been at a church like that?  Explain.
  1. Questions for Discussion:

    1. How can we discover more about God and see his glory more?  How do you see it on a daily basis?  Why is this so important as believers?
    2. Delight is all about enjoying relationship.  Do you enjoy relationship with God?  Why or why not?  Are you living in the completed work of Christ?
    3. Declaration about what we love is a normal part of life.  Why or why not do we want to share what God has done?  Declaration comes from discovering and delighting.  If declaration is missing, what do we need to be doing?
    4. Dwelling to remind each other of living in the gospel comes through honest and authentic relationships.  Why do we love and hate community?  How does the gospel create safety so that we can live in community?  
    5. Discipleship is all about growing in our faith.  Have you been disciple and are you discipling?  Why/why not?
    6. Develop is all about planting gospel centered churches.  Have you ever considered being involved in a church plant?  Why/why not? 


    For Further Thinking:  Listen to the The Six D’s Sermon Series.



Believers who continually discover God’s Greatness, Power, Holiness, and Glory in all of Life.


Believers who continually delight in God because they know who God has made them through His Son -  Unconditionally and Irrevocably Adopted – Accepted, secure, have purpose, am valued, have significance (new identity).


Believers who continually gather to learn and remind each other of the gospel and scatter to help other believers and pre-believers find the freedom that is found in God.


Believers who continually meet to discuss out thoughts, our decisions, and the rhythms of our lives to maintain the freedom that comes from knowing and living in the reality of the gospel.


Believers who continually listen for the creation, fall, redemption and restoration story in all of life, pointing each other back to God’s story.


Believers who continually plant more gospel centered churches while encouraging other churches to do.



A Question to prepare you for session 3: How do you talk about the gospel in a way that your friends understand it?