Covenant Partnership Session 5

Discovering and Delighting in God’s Word.  Learning how to read God’s word from a gospel perspective. 

Summary:  The gospel changes us!  Once we know why we are loved, a natural response is to have a hunger for God’s word.  It’s like knowing that you are loved by someone, and then wanting love letters from them.  The unfortunate problem is that we turn the Bible into an instruction manual on what to do to be accepted rather than receiving it as a love letter because we are accepted.  We have got to understand that because of the Jesus, we are loved by God.  We don’t read God’s word to be loved, but rather because we are loved!  We read God’s word to be reminded of His power, sovereignty and love (discover).   We read it to remember we are loved (delight).

Before you watch the video, ask these questions:

1. Why do you read God's word?  (what is your motivation)

2. Do you think the motivation for reading the Bible will change what you get out of your reading? How so?  

Questions for Discussion: 

1. Why do you think that the Psalmist and the Apostle Paul had a great love for God’s word?

2. Do you read God’s word to be loved or because you are loved?  What difference does this make?

3. What would be the “fruit” of reading it to be loved?  (burnout, fatigue, guilt, overwhelmed, skip certain sections)

4. What would be the “fruit” of reading it as loved?  (empowered, joy, hope, desire to read, desire to understand)

5. How would your perspective change in wanting to read God’s word if you knew you were reading it to be reminded that you are accepted, secure, have purpose, am valued, have significance (new identity)?

6. In what ways can we discover God’s glory in the reading of the word?  (Glory referring to God’s power, might, strength, beauty, audacity, sovereignty, creativity, infiniteness)

7. Why is simply reading the word of God for instruction dangerous?

8. How can we change from reading God’s word as an instruction manual  to be loved, and start reading it as instruction manual to live in His love?


For Further Study:  Read Desiring God by John Piper

Other Helpful Resources: 

A question to prepare you for session 6: Why do you go to church?