Covenant Partnership Session 6

Discovering and Delighting in the Church.  Learning to Love because I’m loved.

Summary:  We are told to love one-another as Christ has loved us.  Often times we find it difficult even to love lovable people, but how much more difficult is it to love those who don’t love us back?  What is God commanding us here?  What is our motivation?  What compels us?  What enables us to love one-another as Christ has loved us.  Once we understand how loved we are, we can live in the overflow of that to others. 

Before you watch the video, ask this question:

1. When we talk about “loving each other”, what can you reasonably expect out of others and what can others expect from you? In the church? At work?  At home?  In the city?

Questions for discussion:

1. We have an easy time loving others who love us back, but a harder time loving those who don’t love us back.  Can you give examples of this in your own life?  

2. If we are commanded to “love others, as the Father loves us”, how is this possible?  (hint:  overflow)   

3. Romans 5:8  says Jesus loved us while we were still His adversaries (sinners).  How it is possible for Jesus to love us this way?  

4. How did Jesus live in the overflow of the Father?  How can we?

5. In living in the overflow, Jesus was able to unconditional and irrevocably love the people He was with.  Can you give some specific examples of this?  Do you think it was difficult or easy to love this way?  

6. What does discovering and delighting have to do with living in the overflow?

7. What is my response to others if I’m living in insecurity?  What is my response to others if I’m living as loved?

8. What are practical ways in which we can serve each other, love each other, and remind each other of the gospel?  How can we encourage one-another to do these practical things in the overflow?  How will we know if we are acting out of the overflow or if we are just doing the work?  


For further study: Read 1 John


A question to prepare you for session 7: What do you talk about most? What does this reveal about you?