Covenant Partnership Session 10

 Gospel Centered Treasure: Because we are secure in God, we use our treasure (money and possessions) differently.

Summary:  God is great, gracious, glorious, and  good.  Great and glorious reveal that He is powerful enough to take care of our needs, while gracious and good reveal that He will do so for us.  When we believe God is sovereign and good, we know that He brings about times of plenty and times of want into our lives, not for our comfort, but rather so that we can discover and delight in Him the most.  When I know that God uses all circumstances for His glory and my joy, I can relax, knowing that my security is found in Him rather than in my job, my bank account, or any other treasure (money and possessions).  The proof of living in the gospel (knowing our security is in Jesus and not in our treasure) is being able to give and receive freely.  When I know He is powerful enough to have my back, and loves me enough to do so, then I can say like Paul “I know the secret of contentment in plenty or in want” (Phil 4:12).

Before you watch the video, ask these questions:

1. Why do people usually cringe when the church starts talking about money?  What have been some good/bad experiences you have had regarding churches and money?

2. What have you been taught about giving?  What have you been taught about “why” we give?

Questions for discussion:

1. Where do you think we look for security?  (money, job, family, etc).

2. How has looking for security in these places worked out for you?

3. Think of circumstances in your life where you have had plenty and other circumstances where you have been in need.  If you knew in all of these situations that God was sovereign and you would be okay because He has your back, how would your response change?  

4. How would being able to give prove that our security is in God alone?

5. How would being able to receive prove that our security is in God alone?

6. How does being able to give and receive help us from the destructive path of looking for security (identity) in our possessions?

7. How is the tithe helpful?  (The tithe defined as 10% of our income).

8. What are the promises tied to finding our security in God?  Look at Malachi 3:6-15, 2 Corinthians 9:6-15.  

9. What does it mean when Paul says “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor 9:7)   How does finding our security in God and cheerful giving tie together?  


For further study read: The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn.  Also, if you are struggling financially and need help, your brothers and sisters at Redeemer will help.  There is money set aside for immediate needs, and a group of counselors who are ready to give helpful advice.  Also, consider attending the “Financial Peace” classes by Dave Ramsey.  


A question to Prepare you for session 11: What was your favorite part of Covenant partnership?