Covenant Partnership Session 11

Covenant Partnership Commitment.  Signing on the bottom line.

Summary:  You have made it all the way through the Covenant Partnership Community Group.  Hopefully you have gained a great understanding of Redeemer, and an even better understanding of Jesus and the gospel.  So now what?  Now, hopefully you are ready to make a commitment to be a Covenant Partner.  Signing the Covenant Partnership agreement means you are committing to being part of the body of Christ at Redeemer.  We know that Covenant Partnership is not for everyone…and that’s okay.  But for those of us who want to remind each other of the gospel, and want to be chased when we don't, as well as celebrate together when we do, this is a great step.  

Before you watch the video, ask these questions:

1. What has been your favorite part of this group?  (thumb back through the guide and share your highlights)

Questions for discussion:  

1. What do you think is expected of you as a Covenant Partner?  Are you willing to do these things?

2. What do you think you can expect from others as a Covenant Partners?  Are you willing to have others speak the gospel into your life?

3. In what ways will you commit to using your time, talent, and treasure to your brothers and sisters at Redeemer?

4. In what ways will you commit to receiving time, talent and treasure from your brothers and sisters at Redeemer?

5. Review the Covenant Partnership Agreement on the next page.  Discuss and ask questions as needed.  When you are ready, sign and give to your group leader.


A question to prepare you for session 12:  What are you bringing to our party?