Series Description: From the beginning of the church, the Gospel has spread through men and women who have been sent out to create new churches, today we know this process as church planting. Listen to this series as we discover why Church Planting Matters.

Title:  Vision 2018 | An Invitation to Get Involved   Preaching:  Jim Applegate   Date:  December 31, 2017

Title: Vision 2018 | An Invitation to Get Involved

Preaching: Jim Applegate

Date: December 31, 2017

Title:  Why Church Planting Matters   Preacher:  Danny Conner   Date:  January 6, 2018

Title: Why Church Planting Matters

Preacher: Danny Conner

Date: January 6, 2018

Title:  Vision 2018 | Redeemer Oakdale Vision   Preacher:  Bill Kenoyer   Date:  January 13, 2018

Title: Vision 2018 | Redeemer Oakdale Vision

Preacher: Bill Kenoyer

Date: January 13, 2018