What is Give For 10?

Give for Ten is all about Generosity towards the Lord. If you have never practiced regular giving, this challenge is for you!

Why should i join in give for 10?

Throughout the Bible we see God's ownership over all of creation including the Earth, our stuff, and our money, after all He is the Creator (Psalm 89:11). Following, we are not owners of our money, but simply stewards; people who have been entrusted with the possessions of the King. This should change the way we view money everyday, but it is so easy to slip back into a mindset of  "my ownership."

This is precisely why God calls us to give back to Him a portion of our wages, because in our giving we are saying we trust God to always provide as He has already done in the past. Jesus even promised this to us (Matthew 6)!

If you are not already a regular giver this simple Ten Week Challenge will help give you ten weeks of practice in the habit of giving and help you to discover how much our loving God desires to care for and provide for His children, while at the same time you are supporting all that God is doing through Redeemer. 

When does Give For 10 begin?  

Give for Ten will last ten weeks, beginning September 10th and ending November 12th.

How do I get Started?

Simply pick up your Give for Ten envelopes on September 3rd or 10th, feel free to take all ten weeks worth of envelopes at that time, or take them weekly from the info table in the Foyer. Each week simply place your give in your Give for Ten envelope and place it in the Offering Kiosks or Giving Box in the Foyer.

Give For 10 Videos

Luke and Errica Peters

Danny and Ali Conner

Kendra and caroline fletcher

Any additional questions?   

Contact the church office at:  209-523-8990
Or email:  Info@theredeemerchurch.com