While this list is not exhaustive, these are five great Next Steps which will be helpful in getting you better connected within the community of Redeemer, so find your Next Step TODAY!

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the first Sunday of every month, we host a Newcomers' Coffee after each service where you can come learn more about who we are and find out your Next Step.

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Get in the know by downloading the Redeemer Collective App, available on either Apple or Android Smartphones.

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Sundays at Redeemer are big, loud, and fast. It can be easy to come and go without making one connection. To truly begin building relationships we have Community Groups - small communities where we learn about God and encourage one another. 

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Serving is a great way to build friendships within the church. with numerous serving opportunities throughout Redeemer, there is sure to be a place to serve where your passions can come alive.

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Partnership is the best way to say the mission of Redeemer is truly your own and that you desire to live and grow within community. To get started, there is a three-hour partnership class which is offered throughout the year.