Redeemer's Discipleship Model

Have you ever been discipled? 
Have you ever discipled anyone?

Jesus’ last words to his disciples in Matthew 28:19 were “Go and make disciples”. Our goal is to be a church that is all about discipleship:  We want to be a church of disciples that make disciples.

Discipleship shouldn’t be complicated.  The hope is that this model will be a guideline that will simplify and clarify the process for you.  

To start using the discipleship model, follow these steps:

  1. Pray and ask God to bring people to mind who can disciple you, and whom you can disciple. 

  2. Speak to those people about your desire, using the model as a discussion tool.  

  3. Commit to meeting together regularly.  

  4. Together, find the resources associated with each step. These can be found at or at the Redeemer bookstore.  

  5. Get the resources and start to work on the goals associated with each step.

  6. Once you are done with one step, go to the next one.  There is no time frame for each step …when you are finished with that step, move on.

  7. After finishing all the steps, start back at step one with someone else (that’s part of step 4).

Click each step for further goals and resources


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