Redemption Group Leader Resources

As leaders in Redemption we want to always be learning and growing in our God given gifts and talents. Below you will find resources hand picked to help you do just that.  

Next Redemption Group Leader Training, August 31, 2014

Top 5 Books Redemption Group Leaders should read.

1. Prodigal God
2. Jesus+Nothing=Everything  

These books should be in any leaders reading list. If you want to understand the Gospel and how it affects and changes everything, start with these. Well, start with the Bible, then these two books. These books will not only help you understand the implications of Jesus work but will also help you articulate it to the people you are ministering too.

3. Relationships, A Mess Worth Making
4. Instruments in the Redeemers Hands     

In these books, both written by Paul Tripp and Tim Lane, you will specifically find how the Gospel changes our relationships and how to help hurting people. As we seek to live in Gospel centered community these will become invaluable tools to help others through the messiness of life.

5. Redemption

At Redeemer the 3 core values of community are Discipleship, Care and Mission. This book is really the inspiration for that. It helps describe in detail why each is important and also list practical ways to live them out.

Click here to see a full recommended reading list.


Redemption Group Leadership Progression.

1. Participate in a Redemption Group.

2. Become an Apprentice

  • You will need to be sponsored by a Redemption Group Leader
  • You will Assessed using the

3. Become a Level 1 Leader

4. Become a Level 2 Leader

5. Become a Level 3 Leader


Over the years we have found that these classes are very helpful for those of us leading in community. If you would like to take any of these let your coach know or contact There is financial help available for the ones that have a cost.

  • Redemption Groups: As leaders we need people to speak the Gospel into our lives and we need to learn how to preach Jesus to our own hearts. We all struggle with pain from past hurt and guilt and shame from ongoing sin. RG's will not fix all of your problems, but you will leave armed with the Gospel and a new paradigm for your life.
  • Dynamics of Biblical Change: This class is offered by CCEF, The Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation. This is a Masters level course in which you will learn how does Christ’s past grace, present grace, and future grace speak to our hearts and change how we live our daily lives. This is the most expensive of the courses and there is money available to help offset the cost.  
  • Gospel Community: This Course is offered online by the Porterbrook Network. In this class you will dive deep into Romans 12 and resurface with a greater understanding of Gospel Centered Community.
  • Uncommon Community: This is a DVD series put together by Vertical Church. The emphasis is on biblical soul care and how we can care for each other better. If you would like to watch this series, feel free to borrow the DVD's at the church office.