It was October 2006 when a group of us felt the Lord had given the green light to plant a church. As we prayed and asked the Lord for direction, He led us to have our first service in June 2007. It was humble beginnings in a three-car garage. At that point, we didn’t even understand the gospel. We thought we did, but some three years later (October 2010), God did a work of removing the scales of religion from our eyes and let us see the gospel for what it really is. A bunch of Sauls (zealous and religious) became Pauls (joy-filled, adventurous, gutsy and content).

It was then that we began to say that the gospel wasn’t just the A-B-C's of the faith, but rather the gospel is the A – Z’s of the faith. As we started to see the completed work of Jesus, God changed our hearts and we began to describe the gospel as acceptance, security, purpose, value, and significance in God through Jesus alone. When we understood the gospel as an infinite new identity, everything began to change at Redeemer. Think of it this way: If you have acceptance by God through Jesus alone, why do you need to seek acceptance elsewhere? Worldly people look for acceptance in possessions and people, religious people look for acceptance in behavior (and are therefore some of the most judgmental people on the face of the planet), but the gospel says we have acceptance by God through Jesus.  We realized that although we believed in God, we had not been living in the freedom that God has given us through Jesus.  

God has given us a vision to help others find freedom by discovering the gospel and helping believers live in freedom by continually believing the gospel. Freedom from slavery to the world, freedom from religion, and finally having our innate God given desires for acceptance, security, purpose, value, and significance met by God through Jesus alone.

The next chapter in the story of Redeemer is now unfolding as one of Redeemer Modesto's elders, Bill Kenoyer, and his wife Joanne has begun to feel called toward the mission of planting a new church in Oakdale. This calling was confirmed by both the elders and the dream was born of The Redeemer Collective of Churches. 

The Redeemer Collective was formed to act as a central hub for all Redeemer Churches to be planted in the coming years, so that while each church will be contextualized to the city and people they are ministering to, each current and future Redeemer Church will be bound together by a common mission, to build purposeful relationships inside and outside the church so that we can speak the love of God (the gospel) into each other's lives.