The City is the informational hub of Redeemer. Here you will find out all that is going on around Redeemer throughout the week and follow up with people you met on Sunday.

Below you will find a few tutorial videos to get you started, as well as links to download The City app.

The City is open to anyone who is involved with Redeemer, even if you just started coming. In addition to joining a weekend gathering, and a Community Group, participating in The City is one of the primary ways we encourage people to plug into our church family.

Getting started with The City

Here are a few short tutorials that cover the basics of The City. If you are looking for more information the City help pages are vary useful.

City Mobile

There are two ways that you can access The City when you're on the go. You can connect to a mobile version of The City through your mobile browser or you can install The City's mobile app for iOS or for Android. 

Download The City for iOS 
Download The City for Android