Sunday Services

Visiting Redeemer for the first time? Awesome!            Welcome home.

Currently there are two Worship Services on Sunday (9am & 11am). This time exists for everyone to gather together to worship God through Song, Story, Sermon, and Sacrament (communion & occasionally baptism). Believers in Jesus Christ as well as non-believers are welcomed to join!

If you are curious about what to wear, Redeemer's philosophy is you are loved by Jesus, so come as you are! Redeemer has a relaxed, casual feel, so dress comfortably. There is a pretty casual atmosphere in mind, so feel free to grab a free cup of  Direct Trade Stumptown Coffee in the Mezzanine when you walk in (because who doesn't love good ethically sourced coffee?) and bring it into the Sanctuary with you.

FYI- Kids are a huge part of who Redeemer is! There is nothing like seeing kids grasp how loved they are by God and this is provided in several ways for your kids to learn this on Sundays.

1. There are Gospel Kids Classes for 0-6th Grade.
2. There is also a Family Room for you and your child complete with toys and books as well as a video feed of the service.
3. You are welcome to take your child into service to worship with you. If you need to take them out to avoid distractions, the Family Room is always open.

Click here for our entire Child Policy

If after visiting you would like to find out more about Redeemer and how to get connected, join in on Newcomers Lunch on the first Sunday of every month. Lunch is free, and you can learn all about Redeemer, get information on how to get connected, and meet fantastic people! 

Liturgy of Service

Our worship service's liturgy is structured after 'The 7 D's'. Which are Redeemer's Gospel-centered values that combine to tell the compelling and powerful story of God's love for us! Each week this will look different with musical worship, Scripture reading, preaching, prayer, confession, and more. The hope is that overall the Gospel of God's love is revealed each Sunday!


Believers who continually discover God’s Greatness, Power, Holiness, and Glory in all of Life. Isaiah 6:3


Believers who continually live confessing temptations and sins to one another, dying to self, that we may truly live.        Romans 8:11


Believers who continually delight in who God is and who He has made us through his son- Unconditionally and  Irrevocably Adopted- Accepted, secure, have purpose, am valued, have significance (New Identity). 1 John 3:1  


Believers who continually gather to learn and remind each other of the Gospel and scatter to help other believers and pre-believers find the freedom that is found in God. Psalm 96:3


Believers who continually meet to discuss our thoughts, our decisions, and the rhythms of our lives to maintain the freedom that comes from knowing and living in the reality of the Gospel. Hebrews 10:24-25


Believers who continually teach one another to read the word, pray, live in community, live in Holiness, and live on mission. Matthew 29:19


Believers who continually plant more Gospel-centered churches while encouraging other church to do the same.  Acts 2:41-47