Our Mission

The Redeemer Women's Ministry exists to connect women to God through Bible study, prayer, special events, and service opportunities. Our goal is to encourage women to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ while providing an encouraging place to fellowship and grow.

We desire that every woman know Christ personally and be compelled to love others in her life, home, church, community, and throughout the world. Our purpose is to help you find yours in Christ!




Women’s Ministry Director: Ashley Heinrich

Hey there, my name is Ashley Heinrich, and I have been attending Redeemer since 2012. 

    My hard-working hubby, Phil and I have three very lively and entertaining kiddos, Katie, Emmy, and Wesson. Before being a full-time wife and mama, I was a teacher for 11 wonderful years. 

     I have always enjoyed helping people come together and share in a life of community. I have a passion for God’s word and long to live out His calling shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Contact Ashley by clicking here.

Redeemer Women Small Groups

Below are the small groups offered for women at Redeemer. Click through to find out more information about each group.


Below you will find women who are gifted in discipleship and counseling. We encourage both professional and lay counselors to make themselves available to meet with you one on one to provide gospel centered discipleship for you.

Sarah Andrews, MS, LMFT

Sarah Andrews, MS, LMFT

Sarah Andrews, MS, LMFT

Sarah is a licensed marriage and family therapist who works in private practice in Modesto. She meets with clients privately in her office and has provided a discounted fee for members of Redeemer.

Sarah's goal is to help others learn how they can develop peace, both with themselves and with their circumstances: "I believe in client-specific techniques that empower individuals to develop the tools necessary to achieve emotional, relational, spiritual, and physical health and well-being."

To connect with Sarah, you can contact her through the contact form below or directly through her website.

Tricia Otto - Lay Counselor/Discipleship

Tricia Otto - Lay Counselor/Discipleship

Leah Ashford, CPC - Life Coach

Leah Ashford, CPC - Life Coach

Tricia Otto - Lay Counselor and Discipleship

Tricia has been gifted with the skills for both counseling and discipleship. She has walked alongside and provided Godly insight and advice to many women in the church who are struggling with different aspects of life. From pre-marital relationships, to marriage life, to parenting or growing as an individual in your career, you will receive Godly counsel and Gospel-focused skills to help with relationships.

Tricia is available to meet with you individually at the church and together you can determine an appropriate schedule that works for the two of you to meet regularly.

To contact Tricia please email her by clicking here.



Leah Ashford, CPC - Life Coach

Leah is a certified professional coach who works in Modesto and provides a discounted fee to members of Redeemer.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Constantly stressed trying to juggle everything, while your health and close relationships suffer?  Leah specializes in helping busy people create a realistic plan to accomplish their life and career goals with room to breathe (and think and relax!). 

She offers a 4-6-week session that will get you on the path to a more focused future, as you confirm what matters most to you, get support in finding solutions for non-essentials, create working boundaries, and establish clear action steps to a new way of life. 

 To connect with Leah for a free 30-minute initial session, you can use the contact form below or go directly through her website. 

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