Our Mission: Discipleship by building purposeful relationships inside and outside the church so that we can speak the gospel (the love of God) into each other’s lives. We accomplish our mission by living on mission both locally and globally.


The Local helps Redeemer build relationships in the community through neighboring, and by developing relationships with specific non-profits (both faith based and secular) in which people from Redeemer can serve in our community. 

What would happen if our entire community came together to love Modesto? We are adopting specific Love Modesto projects this year including:  Beautify Downtown Modesto  Chemo Crew Kit Assembly  I Street Clean Up  Refugee Employment Assistance, and  Welcoming Refugees.    To sign up for a project click here!

What would happen if our entire community came together to love Modesto? We are adopting specific Love Modesto projects this year including:

Beautify Downtown Modesto

Chemo Crew Kit Assembly

I Street Clean Up

Refugee Employment Assistance, and

Welcoming Refugees.

To sign up for a project click here!

Our Local Partners


Love Modesto is helping to change the face and identity of Modesto while inspiring as many cities possible toward: a renewed love for their city, community wide volunteer days, ongoing volunteerism, collaboration among leaders and involvement with neighborhoods, schools and foster care/adoption.

Contact the Love Modesto Liaison here

Chemo Crew

Founded by Ovarian Cancer survivor Bridgette Eilers in 2011, Chemo Crew works to provide hope and help to cancer patients and their families by working closely with hospitals and other medical providers who specialize in cancer treatment.

Cancer patients and their families experience a great deal of uncertainty during treatment. As Bridgette journeyed through treatment, she realized the importance of support. Chemo Crew’s goal is to bridge the gap between patients and available resources as well as to provide practical tips that will offer comfort during treatment.

Contact the Chemo Crew liaison here

Copy of Transient

World Relief is a refugee resettling organization. They help people from all around the world settle in Modesto after they have fled persecution in their home countries.

Contact the World Relief Liaison Here


Over 100,000 adults in Stanislaus County have difficulty using an ATM machine or reading a bus schedule. Not being able to read well affects everything from a person’s ability to find a job, to read to their child, to filling out health forms.

Through a wide range of FREE literacy services, like reading, writing, math, life, technology and work skills, LearningQuest helps a diverse population of learners meet their needs and achieve their personal and employment-related goals. (Hablamos español)

Learning Quest partners with us to help make our English Cafe events a reality!

Contact the Learning Quest Liaison Here.

HACER Logo- Dark.png

HACER supports sacred places to become central spaces for innovation and incubation for entrepreneurialism within the local community. 87% of residents in low-income communities desire to “be their own boss.” 10 hours-a-week is the average amount of time churches utilize their space. Workspace access & entrepreneurial support is a means of economic development and mobility. We partner with HACER to use the Redeemer Modesto building as a space for the community to use during the week. The group Shades of Brown is using the space currently.

Global Partners

Global Partners are involved in holistic mission that engages in church planting. Global Partners consider Redeemer their primary sending church and desire a two‐way partnership where they receive regular prayer and financial support from Redeemer and in return provide regular updates by visiting Redeemer during furloughs and are open to the possibility of hosting short‐term teams/visitors from Redeemer to encourage and work alongside them in the field.


Ben & Aubree
Organization:  Team  
        Website:  team.org

Ben & Aubree are in Jordan working with a team operating a medical clinic for the local refugee population with the overall goal of seeing a movement of the Gospel in the local population. Ben works as a doctor in the clinic, and Aubree will help train local families who have children with special needs on how to better care for their children.   

prayer requests

  • The Coltons have had a very difficult two weeks interfacing with a manipulative birth-mother of a child they had intended to adopt. At this point. the adoption has fallen through, and the Coltons are exhausted and have lost money as well. Please pray that God would guide them through the process of grieving and seeking Him in the midst of this difficulty.

  • Continue to pray for Ben’s relationships with Sal, Ben and Nate, and for growth in their lives together

  • Continue to pray for direction as Aubree moves forward with the relationships built through support groups for moms with children with disabilities. Pray specifically for Ruba and Generosity

Grover Family.jpeg

Luke & Amber Grover
Africa - Tanzania
Organization:  EFCA ReachGlobal
       Website:  go.efca.org

Luke & Amber are currently serving as long-term staff for EFCA ReachGlobal and are serving in Tanzania Africa. They live in the city of Dar es Salaam with their children Adi, Jude and Ezra.  

Luke and Amber work alongside local leaders in a variety of ministries in order to produce Gospel movements that are sustainable and reproducible, and ultimately will produce disciples of Jesus Christ and build the Church in Tanzania.  They are currently working with church planters, a job training and business development center, and a school for children with disabilities.  Additionally, since they believe that healthy transformational churches are key to the Gospel being rooted and disciples being made, they are committed to supporting and serving in their local church in Dar es Salaam.

Luke also provides leadership for the ReachGlobal City Team in Dar es Salaam, which is made up of four distinct ministry focuses.

The Grover’s would love to hear from you.  Below you can find their contact information:

The Grover Family
Reach Tanzania
P.O. Box 60745
Dar es Salaam, 

Luke Email: luke.grover@efca.org
Amber Email: amber.grover@efca.org
You can follow their blog at:  groverspeaks.com  

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the Grovers as they transition to Kenya — they need work permits there now, and they’re going

    through an organization that’s not ever secured permits. The Grovers have to ship their belongings and make plans to move before these permits come in — pray that God would oversee the details and continue to firmly open (and close) doors

  • Pray for Jude, Adi & Ezra, for their emotions and relationships with God in the midst of this huge transition

  • Pray for Jim & Clint who will be visiting the Grovers in Tanzania this month

BooneFam 4 4x6.jpeg

Dave & Kate Boone
Organization:  Missionary Ventures
       Website:  mvi.org

Dave & Kate along with their four children have been serving in Nicaragua for the past seven years.  They are in partnership with Missionary Ventures and focus on discipleship through operating a Vocational School and partnering with various indigenous ministries. Their mission is to build leaders and empower the local Church to show Nicaraguans how the Gospel affects every aspect of their lives.    

It gives us great joy to see young people capture a gospel understanding of God’s gift of vocation and learn how they can use their God-given gifts and talents to provide for their families, help their neighbors, and advance the kingdom of God.
— Dave and Katie

Prayer Requests

  • ESVO classes started two months ago with over 50 high schoolers. Pray for relationships to grow between students and teachers, and that God would teach His truths to these students

  • Continue to pray for Pastor Carlos and Dave in a 16-week training course with Jobs for Life, focusing on the “why” of work and vocation. Pray for long-term application and kingdom fruit from these trainings.

  • Dave requests prayer for patience, as the political situation is still tense and the economy is in a slow process of continuing to fall. Pray Dave wouldn’t worry about “accomplishing” stuff during this time.


Conor & Koren McNamee

Conor & Koren are currently serving in Chernigov, Ukraine. They have 3 wonderful kids Gavin, Emma and Arden. Conor is originally from Maine and Koren is from California. They are serving in their second church plant and long to see more churches planted in Ukraine. Conor is the lead pastor at Christian Bible Church in Chernigov. Please pray for the power of the Gospel to save and transform lives and that more Gospel centered churches would be planted all across Ukraine for the Glory of God.  

Prayer requests

  • Praise God for Koren’s improving health — continue to pray for strength and healing

  • Two families have recently left Conor’s church — families that were very dear to everyone, and it is a small

    church. Conor requests prayer for healing, and for God to work through this hard time.

  • Pray for Lena and Vadeem, two seekers that are coming to church, that Conor spends a lot of time with

  • Pray for the McNamees to be able to visit the USA this summer for a rest trip home

Global Friends

Redeemer commits to pray regularly for our Global Friends and seek ways to connect the body of Redeemer to the work that God is doing through them.

High res.jpg

Peggy  Arendt
Community Development Resource Facilitator/Global Equipping
Organization:  EFCA ReachGlobal

Peggy Arendt is a missionary with ReachGlobal, living in Spokane, WA.  As a member of the Community Development team, she travels globally to provide Biblical Worldview training, equipping and consultation for missionaries and national ministry partners. This training equips the local church to be an expression of the Kingdom of God as an agent of wholistic, sustainable community transformation.

Prayer Requests

  • Peggy's trip with Rene Mbongo, a Biblical Worldview trainer from Senegal, to Haiti, went very well. Rene had the opportunity to vision cast with two groups of rural pastors and with two Reach Global missionaries in two locations. Peggy and Rene are on their way home today.